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Curious about the origins of RealReel Company? The passion that drives RealReel Co. started years ago and was first shared with the public through Youtube. At first the RealReel Fishin Youtube page focused on fishing with friends, sharing info about local ponds, and discussing fishing tips. The more time our founder spent fishing the more fishing related waste he noticed polluting local areas. 

The fishing trips never stopped but over time the production of videos about them did. In the years that passed there were a few moves and countless fishing trips, but one thing always remained the same. The pollution.

Every pond and beach that was visited had the classic crushed cans or plastic bags littered about and for the most part they could be reached and properly thrown away. It was the fishing nooks that held more elusive litter. Old hooks blend in well with the dirt, tangled fishing line is nearly invisible in the tree branches, and lost plastic lures stay mostly hidden beneath the water's surface. 

Being an angler himself Tyler knew that losing fishing gear is never the intention, but it happens regardless. He was also aware of the deep respect and appreciation anglers feel towards the environments that make their sport possible, so he decided to come up with a way to make the practice of fishing and those environmental values align. 

The goal is to make it impossible to pollute while fishing while improving the quality of the sport. To do this, all aspects of fishing will have to be improved from fishing line to cast nets, but one of the easiest items to lose while fishing is soft plastic lures. Once lost these lures will remain in the environment for hundreds of years during which time they can harm wildlife and release toxic chemicals. This information drove the decision to start RealReel Company with the production of plant based biodegradable lures. 

In our newest video Tyler explains more about why and how we are working towards making fishing better for anglers and the environment. The company is just starting out with it’s products so he also gives a behind the scenes look at where our lures are currently and how we are working to improve them.

There are more videos to come, so subscribe to our Youtube channel RealReel Fishin to see our progress as well as the fish we catch along the way! You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to us! Lastly you can sign up for our email newsletters for free and useful fishing tips as well as updates on our company's journey. We hope to see you there!

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