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How To Fish For Bass In Early Spring

It’s finally spring! The weather is warming up, the sun is out longer, and if you have already been out fishing you probably know the bass are still a little slow. Bass don't become the ravenous eaters they are known as until they reach their prespawn state. This is triggered by water temperatures in the mid to lower 50’s and upper 40’s (Fahrenheit), anything colder than that will leave you desperate for bites. So how is anyone catching bass right now?

Suspending Jerkbait Season

The key to that question is in your choice of lure. Your flashy fast moving baits may have to spend a few more weeks in your tackle box while the bass warm up. Right now it is prime time for those suspending jerkbaits to shine!

Suspending Jerkbait for bass fishing
Old School Suspending Jerkbait

So why is early spring suspending jerkbait season?

  • Unlike weighted soft plastic lures and spin baits, suspending jerkbaits won’t sink to the bottom and become tangled if you are retrieving it slowly.

  • Bass are still hanging close to deeper areas at this temperature, so top waters will hang just out of their comfort zone.

  • Crank baits may dive into the bass zone, but you have to keep them moving which may be a bit too fast for some bass.

Why Are Jerkbaits The Best For Early Spring Bassin?

Suspending jerkbaits surpass all of these challenges by maintaining a neutral buoyancy that keeps them below the surface and off the bottom at all times. This puts you in a good strike zone and helps keep you out of the weeds regardless of how slow or fast you retrieve the bait.

Large Mouth Bass

Suspending lures also help with hooking fish when they are slow or cautious with their strikes. Even if a bass misses the main body of this lure you will still have a chance to catch it with the tail hook. A moderately paced retrieval with a few jerks will make this lure look like a lazy bass’ perfect afternoon snack. Click Here. To learn more tips about early spring bass fishing from Lucky Tackle Box!

Other lures can be catchers when used properly, but if you are having tough luck this time of year give a suspending jerkbait a cast! BONUS TIP: If you are on the water start deep and work towards the shallows. Chances are you will discover the bass’ hideout along the way!

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